I just wanted to send out an incredible THANK YOU to all the guys at the Pool Store. Their customer service skills were absolutely impeccable and they went above and beyond to accommodate our situation. Eric, Chuck, and Howie were so helpful and even went out of their way to visit our home to recommend to us the best possible hot tub option and within our budget. These guys are seriously the GREATEST and they represented their business with the upmost decorum. They exceeded our expectations and we would be happy to do business with them again, as well as recommend our friends and family!!

Mireyda: Live In Fitness CA

Dear Pool Store,
Over the past 3 years since my family purchased our pool from your store, we have had loads of fun. But, moreover, whenever we have needed help with any aspect of chemical control or start up, your store has always been there with a friendly helping hand. I want to thank you for all of your great service and care. We look forward to a continued great relationship with you now and in the future.

Mark J. Barder

We purchased our pool 3 years ago and have so much fun with it. We are selling our house now and will definitely purchase another pool from The Pool Store. They did such a great job with everything.

Kerry Last

We love our 16×32 pool. We’ve had it for 5 years and have had no regrets. Our boys and their friends play in it every day from mid may to Sept 1st. The Pool Store consultants are very helpful and patient. We’ve had plenty of questions and they have answered every one.

Kim and Brent Ebert

We purchased our pool from The Pool Store in June of 2000. After learning the procedures for maintaining, which The Pool Store sent someone out to explain and demonstrate, our pool has been very simple and quick to maintain. We have never had any problems with algae. The cost each season for chemicals, filters, electricity, for a pool our size (16×28) runs approximately $250.00-$300.00. This is very minimal for the amount of enjoyment we’ve gotten from it each season. The staff at The Pool Store has always been very helpful and responsive whenever we call with a question.

We have truly enjoyed our Doughboy Pool!
The Widmark Family
Maple Grove, MN

We just wanted to say we have had our pool for about 4 years. We purchased it from The Pool Store in Blaine, MN. We had no idea when we purchased it we were gaining a pool family. Jim Gaudette sold us the pool and went through all the details in how to maintain the pool. He even sold us a Nature II filter witch is better then any other filter system we have ever used. While our friends deal with green water periodically, we NEVER have green water. The filtering system is great, but so are the personnel at The Pool Store. They will test your water if wanted and they are always willing to take the time to talk to you if you have problem. We love our pool and plan on enjoying it for years to come. For people who have never had a pool, The Pool Store makes owning one very easy, affordable, and fun. We have referred numerous friends to The Pool Store and have one that drives all the way from Wisconsin to go there for his needs. That has a lot to say about a business. We look forward to many more years of business with The Pool Store. We can not thank them enough for all of their assistance and friendly help when we need it. It makes opening and closing our pool so much easier.

Pam and Lorin Yenor Jr.

With so many pool and spa stores popping up in the Metro Area selling inferior products and chemicals, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we have on many occasions recommended The Pool Store to our friends and neighbors. Not only do you insist on carrying quality products, you also have quality employees. Particularly Jim and Howie, who are very helpful and knowledgeable. They spend considerable time and effort with there customers, explaining different options as they pertain to them. Not only have we been a customer for the last 20 years, but last year purchased out second pool and spa. Through the years we also have purchased many accessory upgrades. Enclosed find photos of our finished pool and spa.

Many Thanks,
John and Carol Crowley

I wanted to drop you quick note of appreciation for the wonderful service you have given us since we purchased our Spa. I feel very secure with our purchase knowing that you stand behind what you sell. When I was frustrated with my water chemical balance, you held my hand through the process. I doubt that any company would have so cheerfully answered the three or more frantic phones calls a day, beside all those trips out to our home. The spa is great but and we love it, but, that’s nothing compared to the knowledge that you will be there if we need anything. Thanks again for the great service. If you need a customer referral just have your customer call us.

Paula and Robert Pomeroy
Happy Spa Owners in Cottage Grove

Last Spring we had an 18′ round Doughboy pool installed in our yard. The decision to buy a Doughboy at The Pool Store was based on price and the apparent quality of the pool and the filtering system (D.E. filter with a Nature 2 purifier). It took a few weeks to get used to maintaining the chemicals and using the vacuum but it got easier and was’nt a problem for the rest of the season. Because we use much less chlorine than other types of filtering systems we don’t have the chlorine odor and other problems associated with other types of systems. Given its size, our pool tens to cool down very quickly on cool nights and days (the solar cover helps). The temperature did get up to 94 degrees during a hot spell. That was great for late night swims. As far as appearances, we are very satisfied with how it looks in our yard. It really dressed it up. We can look down into the pool from our deck and it’s a very pretty, inviting blue (kind of reminds us of commercials for the Caribbean). Overall we are very satisfied with our purchase and now look forward to our summers, the hotter the better (we are a snowmobiling family).

Faith Shariff

Paul and I began doing business with The Pool Store in 1994. We purchase our first D.B. pool through an ad in the paper. We needed a few parts and found you in the yellow pages. You were very friendly and helpful to us. We had many question because we were first time pool owners. So when it was time to buy a new pool after 2 used Doughboys (because we built and sold 2X) we came to you. We did get a price from another dealership in St. Cloud, but came back to you. We felt that you gave us the best price, but more important we just felt you were very fair and honest in your dealings with us – After we set up our 3rd pool last year your guy came out to give chemical instructions etc. He was great. So even though it would be closer for us to drive to St. Cloud to get chemicals were back.

Thank you,
Paul and Kim Kal

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with our Doughboy pool. We have had it for three years now and it has been great, we went with the Nature 2 chemical system that you recommended to us and it has been really easy to maintain and it is nice not to have all the chlorine in the water, it really saves on the swimsuits and the eyes. I installed my pool my self and it was easy and when I had questions all I did was ask your knowledgeable staff and the gave me the advice I needed.

Keep up the good work!
Dale & Tonja Anderson

Great Service! Can call ahead and they have my order ready for me when I arrive.

Carol Leahy
Customer for 28 years

We bought our “Doughboy” pool in February 1999. Our family has enjoyed this addition to our backyard immensely. We did have a few glitches with the installation, but overall our experience has been a pleasant one. We buy most of our chemicals from The Pool Store, and have found them very helpful in dealing with any problems that we have with our water.

David & Doris Marks
Maple Grove, MN

We purchased and installed our pool three years ago. The Pool Store employees had the expertise that made installing the pool ourselves much easier. They were very willing to answer questions over the phone and game answers that I could understand and apply. Three years later there have been no problems with the pool or any of its components. We would recommend The Pool Store for anybody interested in purchasing a pool.

Bob & Christine Traeger

My husband and I recently purchased a Doughboy above ground pool for your store. When we arrived at your store all we know was that we wanted to take the step of owning an above ground pool. Your salesperson was extremely helpful! Not only that but he went out of his was to discuss with us what we were looking for in a pool. We have a large family and many friends we will be entertaining by the poolside. He helped us to see that from the variety of Doughboy pool choices we could select a Doughboy pool that would not only offer leisure and recreation but also address our need for beneficial lap swimming. The pool we chose is the 16′x32′ oblong shaped pool. We are very happy with our decision! The installation of the pool was handled very efficiently and professionally. The installers were prompt, courteous and took into consideration our needs and our ideas. They worked hard and kept the site as neat and clean as possible. Once our Doughboy pool was installed a representative from The Pool Store came to our home and eased our mind of the responsibility of pool maintenance. Our Doughboy pool choice features the Nature ii Filter system, which allows us to thoroughly enjoy our pool without constant monitoring and treatment. We feel confident that at any time we can come to The Pool Store and get the attention and help we need. Everyone is so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to our first full season of our Doughboy pool use! Thank you for making this tremendous step such an agreeable one. We will be telling our friends and family about our experience with The Pool store and they will see ad enjoy the Doughboy pool for themselves. The Doughboy pool speaks for itself. It is a beautiful pool!

Yours very truly,
The Pehtas
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the service you give to our family when we have questions about the up keep of our above ground pool. Whenever we call, the person we talk to is very helpful and professional. I have often referred friends to The Pool Store if they are considering purchasing a pool. I would like to thank all of you for assisting us with all of our questions and concerns.

Mary Sima

Everyone is helpful every time we call or stop in with a question. Service – Service – Service the staff has years of experience and is very willing to share with new and old customers!

Jill and Keith Carlson

The Pool Store has been a great place for my pool supplies. The staff is excellent, the service unbeatable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my business.

Brian Beck

The Pool Store is the greatest place to do business. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work.

Jerome Phill

One of our very best purchases was our pool and hot tub bought from you. This will be our 4th summer enjoying it and it has given us the opportunity to be a home of hospitality. Each spring there is a count down to when the pool will be open for use!!! Initially, we were concerned about the pool chemicals that we would need to use. Growing up with a small above ground pool in the backyard, there are clear memories of faded/ruined swim suits, bloodshot eyes and strong skin odor from the chlorine. The new chemical products available, through you, for our pool today are amazing. Never have we had to deal with that strong chlorine odor, the sore eyes or the faded suits. Also, as we keep up on the chemical plan, our water stays crystal clear. It’s amazing! We would advice EVERYONE looking for a pool to come and see you!

God bless you
The Morgan Family

Yesterday I was in your store and purchased some items for my pool. I received, but did not get charged for, three packets of Power Magic. I have enclosed a check for $8.79 to cover the cost of these items ($2.75 each plus tax). Also, I would like to thank Tony and the rest of the staff at your store. I brought in four grids for my Lomart DE filter that had blown out on me. I purchased them at your store but did not have my receipts, and you still warrantied them and gave me four new ones. I really appreciated your trust in me and the effort you made to help me out. I am a relatively new customer and will continue to do all my pool business at your store. I will also high recommend your store to everyone I know! Thanks again for being so customer oriented and helpful-you made my day!

Leslie Sworsky

We recently purchased and had installed though your store an 18′x34′ swimming pool. We have lived in this area for a number of years and did much “shopping around” when we did decide that this was definitely something which we wanted to add to our home. From our very first visit into your store we were treated with only the very best of service. Everyone we have talked to associated with your store has been very friendly, informative and truly interested in seeing that we were completely satisfied. At your suggestion, we contracted our pool installation through Kevin Mann. Again, we were 100% plus satisfied with not only the installation of the pool but also the personal and professional manner in which all of his men worked. We have recommended your store highly to several friends who have expressed an interest in having pools installed in the future in their yards and we shall continue to do so. Thank you again for all of your help, suggestions and overall friendly service. We appreciate it very much and feel confident that you’re only a phone call away. It is a real pleasure doing business with you.

David C. Gooden

Office of The President:
Doughboy Recreational Inc.
10959 Jersey Blvd
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730

I wrote a letter in late February concerning the installed quality of my Doughboy pool. At the time, I had mostly given up on the idea of having a pool I could be proud of.

Today I am very proud of the Doughboy pool sitting in our back yard and I love showing it to our friends and neighbors. This letter is to express my appreciation to the people who worked to make the transformation happen.

I want to thank you for being concerned about one lone customer and for your assistance. I also want to thank Chuck Kussman of The Pool Store in Blaine, MN and Jim Guadette who installed the new liner. Mr. Guadettes installation was a work of art. It’s always good to watch a professional at work.

Sometimes, bad things happen. It is those bad things that separate real commitment from idle chatter. I want to tell you that doughboys commitment to quality is second to none.

Thank you again.
Warren M. Neus

Our pool is up! The deck and fence are completed, and now we are enjoying it! Its been a great addition for the family. I’m writing the letter to say thank! For a job well done. A special thanks to Kevin Mann who dug the hole (deep end). Kevin did absolutely NO! damage to my lawn/yard. He took extra care around my trees, and there was no hidden costs. Then Jim Hagle assembled the pool walls and filled it in less than a day! What a job! It would have taken me a month. Again extra care was taken to inform us of tips with the pool. And finally Tony from your store who delivered the pool and then returned to get the filter going and show us how to care and maintain our pool. Your store (people) did a quality job! The product is very good quality. And NO HIDDEN COSTS!

Thanks Again!!
Dale Hagenson
Andover, MN

Gentleman, I thought I would drop you a line to let you know, how I appreciated the proud and professional manner in which the sale and installation of our Pool was handled. From Howie’s informative council, to the expert installation from Kevin, Rusty and Al and the informative set up of the filter and pump from Mike. I would, and will, highly recommend the services both from the Pool Store, and Kevin and Rusty’s installation.

Thanks again for a great job.
Gary and Becky Brown
Coon Rapids, MN

We just opened our Aqua Spa for the fifth summer. It runs as good, if not better, than the first summer (Thanks to Eric). It reminded me that our spa runs so well, because of the people at the Pool Store.

People write or call you when they are mad or unhappy with the product or service. We want to tell you and any potential customers, that The Pool Store cares about their customers. We are so happy with our spa. You made the difference. When we had problems with chemicals or the heater, you were there to tell us what to do. You would try to help us over the phone, and if I felt, I could not handle the problem, you gave us the choice of having a service call. So many companies are money hungry and he first thing they do is push a service person on you. The Pool Store isn’t that way. If you need service, Eric is always there to resolve the problem. Thanks-Chuck, Eric and the rest of The Pool Store gang.

Very satisfied customer,
Steve and Shari Noon

We are writing to thank you for your superb customer service. Our guess is that you hear from the inevitable few disgruntled customers quickly and loudly, we want to make sure that you hear when you have done a fine job.

The adjustments that needed to be done to our unit were done quickly and correctly. The individual, who did our service, Tony, was professional, polite and knowledgeable. When the unit was doing something strange that no one in the are has seen before, he didn’t attempt to explain what no one in the area had seen before. Instead he contacted the Coleman Company and consulted with their engineers to solve the problem. All of this was done under warranty. If Tony found himself up to his arms in a unit at another site and was unable to come to our house at a set appointment time, which can happen, he always called and rescheduled.

Our cover has some tears in it that occurred contrary to the guarantee; the company immediately shipped a replacement cover. You clearly stand behind your product.

Since the flaw in the unit has been corrected it has preformed superbly. We have checked various consumer reports and the Coleman unit has always been rated quite high. Ours reflects those reports.

Whenever we have people over and we spend time in the got tub they always ask us where we purchased it and how we like the unit and the service. We imagine that most of your units sell this way, through word of mouth. We always encourage these friends to visit you store and check out your units.

Thank you for your help and the professional manner in which you stand behind your product.

Thank You, Charles and Renee King

I want to thank Steve and Luke for their assistance. My pool and its maintenance has become my responsibility since the resent unexpected death of my husband, Scott, who was our pool person.

I needed major help with both the filter and the heater among other smaller problems. Steve and Luke took care of me and went beyond my expectations. Scott often relied on Steve and his expertise for assistance over the past 13 years. He came out to help me this summer as well. Luke, a new pool store employee for me, was the installer of my new heater. He was very efficient, personable and friendly. It was a very hot and humid day when he was here to install.

My pool is now operating and my boys are able to find some joy in this otherwise sad time in their lives.

My boys and I thank you again Steve and Luke for the very prompt, curious, personable and generous assistance.

Ann Wilson
Burnsville, MN

Paul Phillips here in Montevideo, MN. sending you some pictures of the pool I purchased from you this Spring. If you can use it to show for selling do it.

Appreciated the good service you provided me in dealing with your company, keep it up.

Paul Phillips
Montevideo, MN

Wanted to take the time to thank you for getting our new Jacuzzi delivered on time and safe. I was amazed at how the crane and your crew maneuvered it in. Only you and The Pool Store would go to the effort to make this happen.

A new home and a new Jacuzzi, what more could Steve and I want.

To all of you at The Pool Store, Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Steve and Shari Noon

I’m sure you know what a great guy Tony is, but we thought we should let you know how much we appreciate him!

Thanks for all the help with our spa this Spring.
Mike and Leanne Roggemann

We purchased our pool from Jim last summer and have been very pleased with all the help from your store. We have recommended The Pool Store to all our friends.

Thank you for all of your friendly service.
Sheryl Achman and Family

Over the past three years since my family purchased our pool from your store, we have had loads of fun. But, moreover, whenever we have needed help with any aspect of chemical control or start-up, your store has always been there with a friendly helping hand. I want to thank you for all of your great service and care. We look forward to a continued great relationship with you now and into the future.

Mark J. Barder

Mary and I just wanted to let you both know how much we appreciate all the extra help you’ve given us with our new hot tub. Our family is really enjoying it. You’ve both been so nice to answer our questions or come out to the house for simple adjustments. We definitely would recommend The Pool Store to any of our family or friends who are thinking of buying one. Now that we won a hot tub, we see how important it is to go with a company that will not only sell you one, but service it as well.

Mike and Mary Holmgren

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