Outdoor Patio FurnitureWhen you invest time and money into your patio, pool area, and landscaping, you want to be able to enjoy your work and get the most out of your yard. We've found that one of the best ways to make your yard a fun, relaxing place is to invest in comfortable and beautiful patio furniture that will last. Here are 5 durability factors to consider as you head out on your search for outdoor patio furniture in Blaine, MN.     

A couple sits in a hot tubWe get a lot of questions from people who wonder if they can use their pool chemicals to treat their hot tubs. To the untrained eye, all the different chemical options can seem very similar, so knowing which products are beneficial in certain scenarios can be very advantageous. Read on to learn the difference between pool and spa chemicals and the advantages of professional help from a quality spa and pool store in St. Paul, MN.

Pool Service ExpertA clean, safe backyard swimming pool provides a beautiful space where you can relax and make memories with your friends and family. Pool inspections are an important part of your pool maintenance, but where do you start? Who can inspect your pool and identify problems?

Here are 4 types of people who can perform inspections, whether formal or informal.  

Shimmering pool in Minneapolis MNWhen you maintain a pool, there are a number of chemical tests you need to preform regularly to ensure that the water is safe for swimming. Checking the chlorine level is one of these regular tests. If the level of chlorine is too low, you need to add more. How much more depends on how many people use the pool and how low the chlorine level is when you check it. But why do you need chlorine in the pool at all? Let’s explore chlorine and pool water and learn about how chlorine keeps the water safe for you to swim as much as you like.

Skewers on a grillGetting ready to try out your new ceramic BBQ grill in West St. Paul, MN? Here are answers to 4 questions we're frequently asked about cooking with a ceramic grill. 

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Lifetime warranty on all components Custom-blended polyethylene construction Improved strength, Read More
Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

Lifetime warranty on all components Pool framesNo one else comes Read More
Desert  Spring

Desert Spring

Lifetime warranty on all components Available in 52″ and 54″ Read More
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